Apex Shed

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Wooden sheds with an apex roof

Wooden apex sheds have two sloping roofs and offer an excellent addition to any garden setting.

There is less wall space in an apex shed compared to a pent shed. A bit less space to install shelving however in our opinion, apex sheds look great.

Our solid apex sheds, made from anti-cupping timber boards will last for many years. The grooves cut into the back of the wooden board will help prevent them from cupping during wet and dry weather conditions.

Our apex garden shed range encompasses every conceivable design with or without windows; single doors, double and wide doors as well as those constructed for a specific purpose.

Hart Timber offers a superb range of quality apex sheds, all made by us and at highly competitive prices. Each garden shed is externally treated, delivered and assembled at no extra cost so if you want a well-built, sturdy shed, take a look at our extensive range of wooden apex sheds.

Don’t forget the roof

The covering on a shed roof is essential which is why we use a Polyester Reinforced anti-rip shed felt. This roofing felt will last up to 3 times longer than many other shed felts. We use facia boards to finish four sides of the apex roof adding to the appearance. Fascia boards securely fix the roofing felt to the sides of the roof and prevent it from blowing off in windy weather.

Please note: Other companies try to compete with us on price and quality however there is nothing better than the original Harts Timber Shed.

Thank you for looking at our selection of sheds. Don’t forget we are here to help you choose your perfect garden shed.

Shed Bases
We advise and encourage our customers to buy a pressure treated timber base to protect the lower part of the shed from decay.
How do we make a shed base watch the video below.

Shed Base Video

Before ordering

Please have a level area ready.

Please leave enough room around the shed base for assembly and maintenance.

Ensure access to the site is clear and there are no height restrictions.