Apex Shed

Wooden sheds with an apex roof

Wooden apex sheds have two sloping roofs and offer an excellent addition to any garden setting.

There is less wall space in an apex shed compared to a pent shed. A bit less space to install shelving however in our opinion apex sheds look great.

Our solid apex sheds, made from anti-cupping timber boards will last for many years. The grooves cut into the back of the wooden board will help prevent them from cupping during wet and dry weather conditions.

Our apex garden shed range encompasses every conceivable design with or without windows; single doors, double and wide doors as well as those constructed for a specific purpose.

Hart Timber offers a superb range of quality apex sheds, all made by us and at highly competitive prices. Each garden shed is externally treated, delivered and assembled at no extra cost so if you want a well-built, sturdy shed, take a look at our extensive range of wooden apex sheds.

Don’t forget the roof

The covering on a shed roof is essential which is why we use a Polyester Reinforced anti-rip shed felt. This roofing felt will last up to 3 times longer than many other shed felts. We use facia boards to finish four sides of the apex roof adding to the appearance. Fascia boards securely fix the roofing felt to the sides of the roof and prevent it from blowing off in windy weather.

Please note: Other companies try to compete with us on price and quality however there is nothing better than the original Harts Timber Shed.

Thank you for looking at our selection of sheds. Don’t forget we are here to help you choose your perfect garden shed.

Shed Bases
We advise and encourage our customers to buy a pressure treated timber base to protect the lower part of the shed from decay.
How do we make a shed base watch the video here.
Shed Base Video

Things to think about when designing your garden shed:

+ Shed size

Measure the area to ensure your garden shed will fit.

We offer a large variety of wooden garden sheds in many different sizes to suit your requirements. The traditional apex shed is very popular, however the pent roof garden shed gives you more wall space for extra shelving. Browse our website to get inspired. If you would like us to make a garden shed that is not listed, please: Contact us.

When you are choosing a garden shed, your key considerations should be:

  • Garden shed size
  • Which roof type
  • Door position
  • Window options

+ Type of shed roof

Your garden shed can be made with an apex roof or a pent roof. The traditional apex roof looks good in any garden setting and the ever more popular pent roof will give you more wall space along with more door and window options.

+ Door options

A single shed door is fitted as standard to all our sheds which can be hinged on the left or the right. Other options available at an extra cost are wider doors and double doors.

Single doors are 30ʺ (762cm) wide.

Wider doors are available with a maximum width of 36′′ (914cm)

Double doors Contact us if this option is required

+ Window options

All the garden sheds we make have one or two windows depending on the size of the garden shed ordered. Extra windows can be added at little cost. As an alternative our sheds can be fitted with security windows which are smaller in size. They can also be made without windows.

The standard window size is 24ʺ x 18ʺ (610cm x 458cm)

+ Will I need a Shed Base?

Shed bases (recommended) are used under your shed to protect the floor and lower part of the shed.

A unique slotted design that when assembled forms a very strong structure which will support your shed and all the contents of the shed.

Pressure treated timber is used to ensure the base will last you for many years protecting it from rot and insect attack.

No nails or screws are used which may rust and cause future damage to the timber.

The base can be used on a level area made from concrete, paving flags etc.

On solid ground stone chipping’s can be used which is easier to do and less expensive.

If you are unsure please check with us.

+ Timber Treatment

Every garden shed will be treated free externally with a solvent base timber preservative.
From customer feedback we have kept the colour a light golden brown so each customer can apply a further coating of timber preservative onto their shed with a colour of their choice.

It is important to treat your garden shed with the correct timber preservative once the shed has been installed.

Timber preservative.
Please read the tin to ensure that the preservative you buy is for exterior planed timber. View our after-care information here.

+ What is an anti-cupping tongue & groove board and why we use it.

The timber used for this for this type of board is typically taken from a higher grade of timber. During machining grooves are cut on the underside of the timber board, which helps the timber board from becoming cupped across the grain, so it stays flat. These boards feature an expansion gap to minimise warping and to compensate for heat and moisture. Our long-term relationship with Scandinavian timber mills enables us to use this type of board in our garden buildings.

+ Why is this a.c.t.g. board better than other boards used in the manufacturer of garden sheds?

Ship-Lap tongue and groove (widely used in construction of garden sheds)

  • Less expensive to buy and normally available in a finished size of 10cm and 12cm thick
  • 1st Grade or sometimes referred to as A grade timber is not machined in this timber profile.
  • The majority of shiplap used in garden shed manufacturing in the UK is a 5ths and better with some companies using a 6ths and better grade
  • Shiplap does not have the same properties as mentioned above

Next Steps

Are you ready to have your garden shed built that you designed according to your specific needs? Choose a shed and we will help you design and plan your dream storage shed.

Our timber sheds compliment most gardens, and they enhance your property and benefit your lifestyle. We can design a shed that stands out from the rest.

You imagine the shed. We build it.

Contact us today

+ Delivered & Installed Free

Order your shed from us and we will deliver and install it at no extra cost onto a pre-prepared level area.

+ How do I order?

We have made it easy to order a shed from us. Visit our showroom in St Helens (recommended) or call us to discuss your requirements.

If possible, include a reference number.

+ Pre-ordering

It will help you and us if you look at our check list before ordering your shed.

  1. Are there any obstructions such as height restrictions or sharp corners to manoeuvre around when we carry your garden shed from the kerbside into your garden.
  2. Have you ordered a shed which is big enough for your needs.
  3. Have you ordered an apex or pent roof shed.
  4. Looking from the outside is the door hinged on the left or the right.
  5. Do you want windows:
    • The standard window size is 24ʺ x 18ʺ (610cm x 458cm)
    • Security windows.
    • No windows.
    • Extra windows.
  6. Do you have a solid level area big enough.
  7. Have you left enough around your shed to enable us to assemble it and for you to apply timber treatment to the cladding.
    • Contact us for advice if you are limited for space. Please supply measurements.
    • If your shed is being positioned against a wall or fence you can treat the cladding in the future by using a roller attached to an extending pole similar to painting a wall in your house.
  8. Have you ordered a pressure treated shed base from us.
    • If you are supplying your own bearers they should be levelled and spaced approximately 18ʺ (450cm) apart and be of the correct length. Do not use timber which has not been pressure treated or coated with bitumen as this will rot quickly and cause structural and other problems.

+ After ordering

  1. Have you been given a delivery date.
    • Please make a note of this day
    • We will try and contact you on this date by using the phone number you gave us when you ordered your garden shed.

+ Payment methods

We accept cheques made payable to: Harts Timber Buildings.
We also accept cash.

+ Guarantee

All our sheds come with a 12 months guarantee

Before ordering

Please have a level area ready.

Please leave enough room around the shed base for assembly and maintenance.

Ensure access to the site is clear and there are no height restrictions.

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