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Ordering Information

Once you have chosen your garden shed, it’s time to place an order! In this section, we will guide you through the complete ordering process and address certain questions you may have regarding your order. We endeavour to make this a smooth and satisfactory experience for you.

Pre-Prepared Bases

Bases: It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the ground under any base i.e. concrete bases, platform bases, etc. is firm enough to support the weight of the shed base if supplied and the building. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure their completed base is 100% flat, level, solid and of adequate size to fully support the building. All concrete bases or slab bases must not have any shallow or raised areas. We recommend a minimum of 12” clearance around the building to allow for the roof overhang and fitting of all components. Shed Bases will elevate your building. It is the customers responsibility to work out all height restrictions and take full responsibility for any planning issues. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure bases are installed in the correct position and once installed they cannot be moved. Harts Timber Sheds will not be held responsible for any problems arising due to faulty base work constructed by the purchaser.

Our shed Bases

Harts Timber Shed bases are manufactured with tanalised timber which will sit on concrete or slab bases perfectly and this will give a dry air flow under your building. Alternatively, you may lay a bearer base which must be flat, level and solid with the bearers running the correct way. It is the customer’s responsibility to check which way you need to run your bearers.


All items must go around your property not through it. If necessary, and in order to accommodate, please remove fence panels or any obstructions such as over hanging tree limbs, electric wires etc. If going through gates, there must be no arches, bars or lintels above. Remember some items are very heavy and normally there are only two people on each of our delivery vans. Our fitters are employed to erect your building and not rectify your base or access problems. If you have any worries, please call us for advice, we are here to help. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the site is safe and free from obstructions that could cause any damage or cause injury to the person(s) that deliver and erect your garden shed

Delivery Dates

Once we have received your confirmed order, we provide you with a delivery date. If you have any questions about your order or delivery date, please contact us. Although rare it may be necessary for us to change the delivery date depending on circumstances beyond our control to include breakdowns, accidents and adverse weather conditions. You will be notified as soon as we are aware of any events that may prevent us from delivering your garden shed.

Roof Covering

Free mineral felt is supplied only with every shed. Colour of felt may vary this is beyond our control. Harts Timber Sheds hold no responsibility for damage or lifting of roof coverings due to adverse weather conditions following installation by our fitters. We felt our buildings in a way that has been tried and tested by us for 28 years..

Order Placement

You can place an order directly with us via phone at 01744 453831. All calls are handled by our fully trained members of staff who will provide help and guidance through the ordering process.

Deposit and Payment

A small deposit may be required, and the balance is due on completion of your order. Payment methods we accept – cheque or cash. All buildings remain the property of Harts Timber Sheds until full payment is received and can be reclaimed at any time. We can also arrange for you to pay for your shed prior to delivery by the following methods – Please contact us for details: BACS transfer

Cheques should be made payable to Harts Timber Sheds.

Please send cheque payments to:
Harts Timber Sheds
181 Broad Oak Rd
St Helens,

Changing an Order

For any changes on confirmed order placements, we request you to contact us within 4 business days prior to the delivery date. We encourage you to check that you have ordered the correct shed to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase decision.

Returns & Cancellations

We do not encourage order cancellations as each unit is custom-made to satisfy the needs of individual customers. Please ensure that you place orders after due consideration of your exact needs and requirements. We offer complete guidance to help you choose and make sound decisions that match your specific needs.


All refunds that may be authorized by the company will be paid by cheque or cash

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